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Foot Elevation Pillows Ankle Heel to relieve stress is to use a separate unloading device

Foot Elevation Pillows Ankle Heel to relieve stress is to use a separate unloading device, such as HeelZup. The patient supports his feet on a high-density foam platform to relieve pressure on the heel. This product is independent and does not need to be applied directly to the feet or elbows, which may be helpful for patients with wounds.

Heel protector for bedsore are available from sleeves to cushions to protect the skin from shearing or prevent pressure sores. People with limited mobility and confined in bed are prone to pressure ulcers. Supporting the heel with a heel pillow or footrest can reduce the pressure, eliminate this point of pressure, and redistribute it to the entire leg. The elbow protector works in the same way, providing elbow protection from bedsores.

Other products include heel pads and elbow pads, which slide like a sleeve to prevent shearing and friction on sensitive skin. Reusable sleeves like Heel protector for bedsore are universal, suitable for heels or elbows. It is ideal for daily use by wheelchair users. Wheelchair armrests can put pressure on fragile skin, and elbow pads are a quick solution to reduce stress while protecting fragile skin.

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Applications and uses of heel and elbow protectors

Bedsore treatment

Material choices to relieve stress include foam and synthetic sheepskin structures to achieve a soft and boot-like fit. Both of these options provide additional padding and comfort to protect the bone protrusion. These materials naturally adapt to the body and provide comprehensive protection. Some protector options are universal, can be used on the heel or elbow, and secured with hook and loop straps. Sheepskin is washable and can be used multiple times.

Medi-Pak heel and elbow protector, made of foam, has a hook and loop buckle to protect the foot or heel.

Skil-Care three-layer Foot Elevation Pillows Ankle Heel, has three layers of sheepskin, and there are vents on the side to create air flow and keep the skin dry.

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Protection against shear and friction

Sitting for a long time can cause the skin to crack. Repositioning your arms or feet will increase friction on fragile skin. With heel and elbow pads, protection becomes simple and easy. The stretchable woven cloth places a barrier to reduce downward pressure and friction.

Bedridden Patient Turning pillow, is available in a variety of sizes to achieve a close-fitting effect. The viscoelastic material can be stretched without rolling, and a foam pad is inserted at the heel or elbow.

Skil-Care Geri-Sleeves, protect the limbs with arm sleeves or leg sleeves. They can protect the skin from rubbing when on a bed or in a wheelchair. The armband has a thumb notch to keep it in place, and an extra armband at the elbow that will not bind or roll.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is it important to wear a heel protector?

Bedridden Patient Turning pillow Relieving stress has been shown to reduce the risk of heel pressure, which is the cause of ulcers in people with limited mobility.

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What does floating heel mean?

Floating heel refers to raising the lower limbs while being careful not to put pressure on the heel or Achilles tendon.

Who can benefit from heel boots?

Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion are useful for patients who are recovering from foot surgery or have foot trauma or injury. The most common use of heel suspension boots is to prevent diabetic foot ulcers, lymphedema and edema by properly unloading the pressure on the heel.

The transfer attachment is characterized by a sky blue breathable foam pad, which sucks moisture away from the skin while maintaining the integrity of the skin. MPO floats on the heel to eliminate pressure or friction on the heel and promote blood circulation, which is essential for healing. The dynamic bending action provides a continuous reaction force to the plantar surface, helping to correct Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion, foot and ankle contractures and deformities.

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The adjustable toe post reduces the pressure on the toes and can be placed on the side when treating calf bones and lateral ulcers. The rotating rod positioned on the side can control the rotation of the hips and legs and provide functional adjustments. The transfer attachment (brown sole) is provided for standing transfer, which can prevent cross-infection from the floor to the bed. We do not recommend that patients walk in MPO boots.

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