Useful Tips And Tricks For Your Iphone

If you are always using the iphone to its full capabilities, you know it has a lot of ways to make things easier in life. Some people do not know very much about their iphone. Read this article to learn more about iPhones.

Remember to download updates on your phone whenever they become available. Keeping your phone updated guarantees that your software is the latest version, which offers updates as well as other options Your pictures and other files will be saved to your computer; if you damage your iPhone, you will not lose all your data.

The iphone makes finding your way around a breeze. The iphone has a great feature that integrates your phone software with GPS so you can see where you are at any given time, as long as you have service. Should you need to get home, or somewhere new, this feature is the key.

You can find any place with your iPhone. Use the map component as a GPS when you are trying to get directions to a specific location, or when you are trying to find things like grocery stores or gas stations along the way. Use bookmarks to mark your favorite locations or your home.

Whenever a new update is available for your iphone, take the time to install it. When you update your phone, you will have the latest bug fixes, patches and options to keep your phone running well. This ensures that you do not lose all of your important information, by saving it to your computer.

Instead of trying to remember what a webpage or email said, you can save an image from on of them. All you have to do is touch the image you’d like to save, and hold on for a few seconds. A menu will pop up giving you an option to save.

The iphone has a great option for those who need a bigger keyboard to type. It’s not necessary to run out and purchase a new keyboard. Simply turn your iphone sideways and press the Safari address bar! Now your keyboard is larger and you will be able to type more efficiently.

Are you aware that you can snap a photo from the headphone cord? Begin by framing the picture you want to capture. Once you’re ready to take the picture, press the button that’s on the cord. This takes the picture. Also, the save function is similar to saving any other picture for your convenience.

Do you get annoyed by receiving so many notifications on your iphone? You may turn them off easily. Go to your notifications center under the “Settings” button. Review the apps under this heading. You can remove any that you wish to. This will also add to the life of the phone’s battery.

If you want to stay on top of your email, tag your account to your iPhone. This feature allows you to receive and view messages right away directly on your iPhone. You can tag just about any account to your iPhone.

The iphone allows you to grow the dictionary and shortcuts. When you use this, your phone knows exactly what you are trying to change. You can program other shortcuts and phrases. You will receive notifications for autocorrections when typing phrases and words.

If you are going to email someone or send them a note, there are suggested words that make this process easy. If you do not want to use this feature, it is simple to close it. The suggestion will be dismissed if you give a tap on any part of the screen.

Feeling regrets about what you just typed into iMessage? Auto Correct sometimes corrects words you do not wish to be corrected. There is an easy way to fix this; just shake your iphone. This etch-a-sketch action automatically erases recent typing. Note, this is an optional feature, so you need to check your Settings to make sure it’s enabled.

To cut down on time while you are emailing or texting, there is an autotext shortcut feature that you can use for anything you frequently type into your iPhone. This feature comes in handy for cumbersome email addresses or common phrases like “On my way” or “Where are you?” To access this feature, simply look under keyboard settings.

It may not be a good idea to use Siri. Apple can record and store what you say to Siri. They do this to help the programs’ speech recognition, and to try to keep these files secure, but everything you say to Siri might get recorded.

After you get your iPhone, choose a ringtone that you love. You don’t have to settle for and ordinary, standard ringtone. There are several ways to get new ringtone or sound bytes including downloading your favorite song. This is a surefire way to get other people’s attention.

Firmware on your iphone should be kept up to date. This will make the battery and the iPhone’s usability better. Connecting your phone with your computer is all you need to do to update your firmware. On the other hand, you can utilize iCloud to facilitate your connections.

Now that it’s possible to multi-task with your iPhone, you don’t have to drop everything when a fresh notification arrives. You can either ignore the notification until you finish. It is simple to close the notification and get back to your original task. When the pop-up bar appears at the top of your screen, simply swipe it away.

One of the most useful features on an iphone is the Calendar function. It’s a lot quicker and more efficient to add events directly rather than relying on the + button. While viewing the “Day” screen, tap and hold on a given hour to automatically insert an event at that time. By using this feature, you can quickly add all events to your schedule.

If you are an iPhone user, you can take advantage of the Facebook application on your phone. Not everyone knows yet that Facebook and other social networks are accessible from the iPhone.

An important tip for using an iphone is avoiding the use of too many apps. There are many apps available and prices vary a lot while some apps are completely free. Some applications engage in unscrupulous data mining practices or charge you hidden fees.

Cut down the time you spend typing things on your iPhone. Go to Settings and then General to select the Keyboard option and add new shortcuts. This will allow you to program in advance commonly used strings of words. Then you will have no need to type them out each and every time.

There may be times when you are using your iphone and a pop-up interrupts what you were doing. You probably prefer finishing your task at hand prior to minding the notice. It’s easy to dismiss an incoming notification. Once you see the notification bar, just make it disappear with a swipe.

You can immediately get to your iPod buttons and your favorite items. Go to where settings is, then general, then home button. At this point, you can personalize this feature by double-tapping each function that you wish to change. It is pretty simple when you know how to do it.

You should stay calm if your iphone freezes up. First, press wake/sleep. But if that doesn’t work, try holding the sleep and home button simultaneously. That will reset your phone, but then it will power up again in just moments.

You can locate a contact you have entered on your iPhone using three different methods. Use a finger to scroll the entire list; tap a specific letter to jump directly to it, or press your finger lightly on the list. You can use the last way to scroll quickly.

If you have an iphone, you should try using it to browse Facebook. Many people already know this, but there are some who are unaware of the phone’s ability to use Facebook.

Use your iPhone to connect via social media with your friends. The iPhone lets you instantly update your life and friends on any of the major social networks like Facebook or Twitter. You’ll have all the latest information at your fingertips.

Should Siri’s voice not be to your liking, you can adjust the settings. Find Siri in the General Settings menu. You can set Siri’s language choice to French, German or English. On this screen, you can also select the accent of the Siri app to have various accents as well. If you choose to change Siri to having a British accent, you will also be changing Siri’s gender, as British Siri is male.

There are a few different ways to search contacts on the iPhone. There is one that does not involve flicking with your fingers. Place one of your fingers on the area of the alphabetical list. Then, slide your finger up and down. This is an easy and controlled way to look through all of your contacts.

You might not always have time to finish composing your email so the iphone allows you to tap the cancel button, as opposed to closing your email completely. You will be given the option of saving the email in draft form for future completion. Click yes, and then you will have easy access to the unfinished email later.

Do not allow your iPhone to be exposed to the sun for a long time. Sunlight is very powerful and can cause your phone to no longer function properly if left out too long. The internal components are designed to endure only normal weather conditions; being in direct sunlight can cause extreme heat, especially during the summer.

The iphone gives you instant access to all your favorite music. Go to the settings on your phone, then go to general, and finally go to the home button. Then you can easily customize each by double clicking. The options available will then be presented to you. This is easy to do when you know the right steps.

One neat little trick you learn with your iPhone is to know how to rid yourself of unwanted emails. You can accomplish this by simply swiping your finger. In the inbox, swiping your fingertip over a message(similar to crossing something from a list) will make the delete button come up which can be used to immediately eliminate it.

Face Time is a great application for video communication with your iphone. You can actually see who you are speaking with as you talk. When you are in contacts, you can find this function after you click the contact’s name. Tap it, and you will be able to hear and see that person.

To save space, try not to store too many videos on your phone simultaneously. Once you watch the video, and are finished with it, follow the prompts that ask whether you want to remove it. Delete it so that you don’t clog up your device.

The iphone can be a great organizational tool for daily living and offers a host of additional features, but only if you know how to use it. The only thing to do at this time is to try out the tips you learned here and begin to see all the great things you iphone can provide you.

It can be tough to scroll through websites on a small iPhone window. You may discover you have scrolled yourself right through the main site instead. If you are having trouble, try zooming in on the window first. Try using more than one finger to navigate the page.

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