The Hidden Secrets Of Basketball: How To Play Like A Pro

Basketball is among the most loved and followed sports in the world. The fans number in the millions. Having a thorough understanding of the game is the very best way to enjoy it. By checking out the advice below, you can learn more about the great game of basketball.

You should learn the best way to throw a great bounce pass. A bounce pass that’s good is going to end up hitting the other player near their waist. Bounce it 3/4 of the distance to the receiver. There are other variables to consider though.

Watch your form while you dribble the ball. When dribbling the basketball, use your fingertips rather than the palm of your hand. Dribbling this way improves your ball control dramatically. Always dribble to your side, not your front. Always look up and never look down at the ground.

Free throws are as mental as physical. With everyone watching, it can be easy to allow the pressure to interfere with your game. Take a deep breath, relax and imagine you are at practice to help yourself make the shot.

Hitting free throws is a mental challenge as well as a physical one. You can train your body to complete the motions of making a free throw, but if you are mentally prepared to fail, you will. Relax and concentrate on your basket to increase your free throws.

Frequently train yourself on your pass catching moves. You should practice catching errant passes, along with perfectly executed ones. Some passes may be too high, too low or off target, so you should practice receiving passes often. By learning to catch errant passes, you will do your team a great favor.

One way to help improve your overall basketball skills is to spend some time watching what the pros do. Go to as many pro games as possible, watch them on TV, or watch videos of them playing. Every player has skills that make them good, and you can work on the skills they use.

High percentage free throw shooters typically have the same free throw routine prior to each and every shot. Whatever you do, from bending your knees to dribbling three times, do every time. As you adopt this routine, it becomes easier for your mind and body to prepare for the shot.

Remember to practice a lot of different possibilities so that you will not limit your game. While a great portion of a game will be concentrated in the zone, your rivals could opt to go to man-to-man covering to keep you guessing. You may lose control of the game if you aren’t prepared.

If the other team has a good defense, passing the ball between your legs is a good option. Bounce the ball very hard through your legs while stepping to the front or the back. If you can master this move, it will give you quite the advantage when you are on the court.

Play solo basketball in the months leading up to the season, as well as during the season itself. Basketball is a multiple player sport, but other people won’t always be around. Don’t fret! You can still get a lot accomplished with solo games. Practice free throws and work on pivot moves. You don’t need other players to work on your skills.

Practice passing while looking in other directions. Your opponents can really get confused by this, as well. The look will cause your guard to turn away. When completed correctly, it creates an awesome play.

Hand signals can help you to stay away from making bad passes. One of the more frustrating aspects of basketball is making a pass to a teammate at the same time they head to the basket. Avoid this using hand signals to see if they can get the pass. If you don’t see a signal, you shouldn’t pass the ball.

A consistent routine will help you to achieve great free throws. If you don’t have one, your accuracy may suffer. You have to practice time and time again. Just keep repeating free throws, if you want to perfect that technique. You will probably miss your shot if the routine you use is not perfect.

Good footwork remains a vital part of basketball. Being physical under the rim is crucial, but having good positioning on the court is even better. If you are just stepping into position, you now have to secure the spot. Strong footwork skills help to build both types of skills.

Practice dribbling with both hands, dribble on both sides of your body and learn to dribble in front of you while taking large strides. Being able to effortlessly dribble with both hands gives you the ability to run both sides on an opponent and keep them off guard. If you find it difficult to continue using your weak hand, make your strong hand unusable. Eventually, your weak hand will be trained to dribble properly.

When trying to improve your strength to have better basketball footwork, work on building up your core. Your balance will improve if you strengthen your core. Don’t forget to also work out muscles in your back, buttocks, abdomen and hips. Jumping rope can also help you become lighter on your feet and quicker on the court.

A good defensive strategy will keep your opponent on their toes. Focus on getting them out of the comfort zone. Make aggressive plays. Don’t let your opponent decide their own plays. If you let them, they’ll totally take the control from you. To avoid this, stay aggressive and try to interrupt their thought patterns and rhythm.

Ask a friend to record your games so that you can see how yourself in action. You’ll likely see ways that you can improve. You can use this information to improve your game. Sometimes you have to face reality about your skills and just not dream about how you want to be.

In your drills, you should attempt to move the basketball the length of the court in fewer than half a dozen dribbles. It isn’t impossible, it just takes practice. That translates to smooth layups during fast breaks.

Learn how to dribble and pass between your legs in case you are being guarded very tightly. Practice this by bouncing the ball hard between your legs as you take a step forward or back. If this move is something you master, you’ll have an advantage when you go out to play a game.

Don’t break out of defensive stance always remain in the proper defensive position. Keep your feet moving to each side or push your opposing foot off so you can keep yourself in position. Remember not to let yourself get crossed up with your feet, which will throw off your balance, making it easier to get around you.

Try practicing how to pass while looking in another direction. This will easily confuse your opponents. This will give the person that you passed the ball to a chance to make their move before your opponent can correct from their mix up. When done smoothly it can be a game changer.

When you dribble, bend your knees. The farther the ball has to bounce, the less control you will have of it. Just a little bending at the knees can make a huge difference in your overall ball control.

In order to perfect your layup shooting technique practice, take off with your left foot if you shoot with your right hand and vice versa. What this practically means is that if your right hand is your shooting hand, you need to take off with your left foot. This balances your body when moving towards your basket. It keeps your body in between you and the defender.

Keep the activity below the knees if possible. The other team’s players will have a difficult time stealing the basketball from you. You need to bend a bit more for this to succeed, but you will be able to traverse the court rapidly while keeping opponents at bay.

Dribble hard to avoid ball stealing. A good hard dribble brings the ball back to you much faster, leaving less time for the opponent to steal it from you. If another player is getting too close to you, it is best to pass the ball if a teammate is open.

If you’re training to become a very good basketball player then start changing your diet. In order to be ready for practice and games, it is vital that you have the proper energy stored in your body. You want to make sure that your body has enough energy to keep going; think about eating chicken, nuts and whole grain bread. Salts and sugars shouldn’t be used that often.

To improve three-point shooting, do it from NBA distance at the very least. School and the international standard lines are nearer than that. Hitting from the NBA range makes you get deeper-ranged looks than the defense will be guarding you at.

If you notice that a player is weaker with one hand, put them in a situation where they will have to use that hand. If they are right handed, step towards them with your left foot so they have to switch sides. Always keep a low center of gravity so you are prepared to steal the ball at the right moment.

To help ward off your opponent, practice using your other hand to help shield him away from you. You don’t want to be pushing any of your opponents (that’s a foul), but you can use that non-dribbling arm as a separator to keep the ball safe. By doing this, the ball will be better protected and you will have better control of the ball.

When you are in control of the ball, you should know when to attempt a shot and when you should pass it to someone with a better shot. It’s more important to get the ball to the person who can make the shot than try to take a shot that will certainly miss or be blocked.

When catching a rebound, be sure to land with legs that are spread wider than your shoulder span, to help keep your balance. Have your hands on both sides of the ball. Also, be sure to hold it against your chest tightly. Do not swing your elbows around or you may be hit with a foul.

If you want to be a great player, you need to pivot. You need to practice your footwork able be able to pivot without having to think about it or getting disoriented or tangled in your own feet. Work on having a good pivoting stance and after that work on doing quick reactions after getting the ball.

Make sure you leap for a rebound while in control of your body, and try to land with balance, and you are more likely to end up with the ball. If you need to get up with power, use the strength of both legs when you jump and both arms to grab the ball. After rebounding the ball, land with your feet wider than your shoulders for better balance and keep the ball close to your chest.

A penetrating dribble can help you beat a team that uses a zone defense. When you can pass a defender, the opposition will have to change their strategy. If you’re in the paint, take the shot. If the penetration opens up another player, slide the ball their way for an easier shot if you haven’t got one.

No sport can compare to the excitement basketball fans experience. However, it’s so easy for novices to be lost, wondering what the fuss is all about. Hopefully the information learned here has helped you to have a better grasp on how to play better basketball.

When you workout, write down your goals. Do not approach your gym visits without a solid plan of attack. They start chatting and don’t really know what they need to work on. If you’re able to write down a workout routine you can start focusing on what you need to do without being too distracted.

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